Bugs / Source / Building

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs using this repository's issue tracker.

Getting the Source / Contributing

AutoMan is available at https://github.com/automan-lang/AutoMan.

We are happy to accept pull requests! AutoMan is licensed under the GPL version 2. Note that pull requests will require an attribution statement that assigns copyright to the University of Massachusetts Amherst / Williams College.

Building AutoMan

You do not need to build AutoMan yourself, as it is available via Maven as a JAR. However, if you want to hack on AutoMan, or if you just like building stuff, the AutoMan source code includes an SBT build script. The build script builds the AutoMan JAR for you, including downloading all of AutoMan's dependencies. The build script can also build the sample applications that are located in the apps directory. These applications are the ones used in our papers.

You can build the AutoMan JAR using the following commands:

$ cd libautoman
$ sbt pack

The AutoMan JAR plus all of its dependencies will then be found in the libautoman/target/pack/lib/ folder.

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