Installing Prerequisites

Before you start, you must have a few things installed.

  1. Download and install Java (version 11+ recommended, but 1.8+ should work).

  2. Download and install Scala (specifically, version 2.12; Scala 2.13 is not yet supported). Note that on the Mac, the easiest way to install Scala is by using Homebrew.

Download AutoMan

The easiest way to install AutoMan is to manage your application's build using sbt by creating a build.sbt file. This tutorial will explain how to do that, step-by-step. But if you already know how to use sbt, just add the following dependency to your libraryDependencies section.

"org.automanlang" %% "automan" % "1.4.2"

sbt will download an AutoMan JAR and store it locally on your machine, along with all of AutoMan's dependencies.

Pronounced like this. The sbt authors insist "sbt" does not stand for "Scala build tool", so... fair game.

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